How it works: 3 easy steps to Look effortlessly stunning everyday

Step 1: Select a capsule wardrobe GUIDE e-book by color palettE

Step 2: shop your closet and the guide to complete your wardrobe

Step 3: get dressed easily everyday with the wardrobe calendar

The Stunning Style wardrobe guide e-books

The Stunning Style Wardrobe Guide e-books, as part of the Stunning Style Society membership, are published seasonally (spring, summer, fall and winter) and focus on classic core wardrobe items supplemented with seasonal key pieces to really energize your look, add variety and expand your outfit options dramatically. The Wardrobe Guides are published in three color palettes: Bold Pure Hues (Winter), Rich Warm Shades (Autumn) and Light Bright Tints (Spring). The Guides in addition to exclusive Society content and an exclusive Facebook group make getting dressed the easiest thing you do all day!

Bold Pure Hues
Light Bright Tints
Rich Warm Shades

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FAQs from other classic women

You will take the quiz to find out what your personal style combination is first. Then I give you ideas on how to make each outfit yours. You will get really good at doing that yourself the longer you are a member.

You capsule wardrobe isn’t meant to be a limitation. Add anything else you want and keep existing items in your closet.

No! The seasonal wardrobe guides and additional content available to the Society are built around key closet classic items and add in seasonal trends to keep you looking great. There is never any pressure to buy additional clothes and April always advises to “Shop your closet first!” This will actually save you money as you build a wardrobe that is cohesive and perfect for your classic style type. Everything 

Take the quiz. Read the articles. See what outfits get you the most compliments.

You get one complimentary change.

Think about the colors you get the most compliments. Think about the colors you know are definitely not right for you.

The Stunning Style Society can help any woman who loves classic style and wants to make it her own! Our members include women of every age and stage of life, with a focus on the everyday woman who wants to look and feel great in their classic style.

April, our founder, has been a professional, a stay-at-home mom, and a work-from-home woman, and understands that while classic style is timeless and beautiful, the way it may be approached can definitely change during different stages of life. However, the ability to look Stunning while dressing classic is always possible.

When you join, you’ll immediately discover if you are Minimal Classic, Soft Classic, Sporty Classic, Cute Classic or Edgy Classic.

The Wardrobe Guides have helped hundreds of women to be Stunning by providing seasonal classic outfits with shopping links. While a great value and convenience, the Society increases the value that Stunners receive by allowing the Wardrobe Guides to be updated throughout the season and paired with exclusive educational content and advice. Best of all, you get increased access to April in live Style Q&As and to the Community of Stunners that can answer questions, collaborate and inspire!

Yes! Many of the clothing options will have petite and plus size options available, as well as options for each Classic Style Twist!

Choose your color palette option and click on the links below. You will then choose either an annual membership or seasonal membership option and provide payment. After you provide payment, you will receive your welcome email with a link to download the Wardrobe Guide. If you have any questions about this process, please email and we will assist.